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What do I need to do when I move home?

To make your move as easy as possible, take a look at our advice on moving home.

I'm the landlord/letting agent of a property and my tenants are moving. What do I need to do?

You can let us know online or by contacting our Customer Services team five days prior to the move. One of our advisors will be happy to help.

I'm receiving correspondence in the name of the previous occupant, what should I do?

Don't worry. Just call our Customer Services team and they will change the account details for your property.

The date I moved in is different to the date on my online account, what should I do?

We may need to recalculate your charges. Make sure you have followed our advice from the moving in or out section on the website and gave us your meter readings on the day you moved in. Then contact us on 02920 100346 and we will investigate this for you.


When do heat charges have to be paid?

If you are a Pay As You Go customer, you will need to apply credit to your account before using your heat. For all other customers, payments are collected monthly by Direct Debit. Business customers can choose to pay their charges in monthly instalments, either by Direct Debit or bank transfer.

How are my charges calculated?

Metropolitan charges are based on the actual usage shown on your meter as well as an additional fixed standing charge that reflects the property's contribution to the upkeep and management of the district heating network. We review and determine this charge periodically by considering wholesale energy costs and fluctuations in the energy market.

How can I pay for my heating?

Metropolitan offers various flexible payment options to suit your household needs.

These include:

  • Direct Debit
  • Pay As You Go*
  • Bank Counter transfer
  • Internet transfer
  • Credit or Debit card
* Not available in all areas

For more details, visit the Ways to Pay section of our website.

Are my card details safe?

Metropolitan are in compliance with the payment card industry data security standard (PCI). PCI is a set of requirements with which all businesses who take credit or debit card payments must comply.

What should I do if I am struggling to pay for my heating?

We understand that sometimes it is difficult to manage all of your financial outgoings. If you are having difficulty paying, please contact us on 02920 100346, as soon as possible to discuss alternative payment options. We are here to help.

I think my charges are incorrect, what should I do?

If you think your charges are too high or even too low, please contact our Customer Services team who will be happy to help.


What do I do if I believe my Meter or home display is faulty?

If you suspect that the Meter or Home Display Unit is faulty, you can contact us on 02920 100346 and request that we test it. The Meter and/or Home Display Unit will be tested and, if and when necessary, removed and replaced.

What is the Meter serial number and where can I find it?

Your Meter serial number can be found on a label on the side of your Heat Interchange Unit, a large white box normally located in a store cupboard.

Will you need access to the property to get a meter reading?

Our technology allows us to remotely read your heat Meter without requiring access to your home. The only time we may require access, is if there is an issue gathering your reading automatically, in which case, we may need to take a manual reading until the problem is resolved.


Will I be paying more to receive heating and hot water from a district heating network than I would compared to traditional heating services?

Metropolitan operates a Price Promise Policy. We believe that our customers should pay no more for their heating and hot water from a district heating network than they would by a traditional heating service. We benchmark our heat prices against the Heat Trust Cost Calculator to ensure you pay a competitive price for your heating. If we do have to change your charges, we will notify you at least 31 days before they are introduced.

Will Metropolitan have to visit my property to take my heat meter read, to know how much to charge me?

Metropolitan reads your heat meter remotely, this means you will only be charged for the heat you use. The Heat Interface Unit (HIU) in your property contains a smart meter that delivers your meter reading to our expert teams.

How are my heating charges calculated?

The Metropolitan heating charges are made up of two main elements:

  • A commodity charge for the heat energy you use, based on a rate per kilowatt hour.
  • A fixed standing charge. This is charged daily and covers the cost for operation, maintenance and potential replacement of your Heat Interface Unit.

These charges are subject to periodic reviews, which will reflect fluctuations in underlying input fuel costs and inflation.

Why can't I change supplier?

You cannot choose a district heating supplier in the same way as you can choose a gas and electricity supplier - at the moment, all customers are charged by the company that owns the network that their property is connected to, similar to the way that water companies operate.

Can I manage my usage through Pay as You Go?

Pay as You Go is an available option on some of our sites but not all. Please refer to the ‘Ways to Pay’ document for your area, found here, to see if this option is available for you.

How do I know if Pay As You Go is the right option for me?

A Pay As You Go account could suit your household if you want an easier way to control your energy consumption and budget. Our Pay As You Go service allows you to pre-pay for your heating rather than accumulating charges that must be paid monthly. This means you can budget for your heat and keep track of what you're spending.

How can I switch from being a Pay As You Go customer to paying by Direct Debit?

This is a simple remote transfer that can be completed by contacting our customer services team on 02920 100346. However, this transfer will be dependent on passing a full credit check and all debt accumulated with Metropolitan must have been cleared before making the transfer.

Who will be responsible for paying for the heat charges?

The occupier is responsible for paying the heat charges, unless another person, such as the landlord of the property, has previously agreed to pay for charges incurred.

As a landlord, do I still have to pay the daily standing charges, even if no one is residing at the property?

Daily standing charges (where shown) are payable whether or not heat is consumed at your property.

What help do you offer vulnerable customers in managing their heating services?

Customers, who wish to do so, may nominate an authorised third party to help them manage their Metropolitan account.

This person can:

  • Be the person to whom your annual statements are sent.
  • Be the person to whom any enquiry is made in the event of there being unpaid charges on the account.
  • Make payments on your behalf, although they will not be held legally liable for the charges.


How do I register as a vulnerable customer?

Delivering an excellent customer experience is at the heart of the Metropolitan team and we understand that, to meet your individual needs, we must adapt the way we service your account.

If you are of pensionable age, chronically sick or registered disabled we can place you on our Vulnerability Register and update your Metropolitan account to include any specific requirements. If you would like more information about our service or how we can support you, please call us on 02920 100346.

What do I do if I want to make a complaint?

Please direct your complaints to our Customer Service team on 02920 100346, or use our Contact Us page. Our dedicated team are prepared to ensure that your complaint is dealt with quickly, efficiently and in line with our Customer Complaints Procedure. This means we will respond to all complaints made within 10 working days.

How do I know if a Metropolitan employee who comes to my door is genuine?

Unfortunately there are criminals who may pretend to work for utility companies to gain entry to your home. These are known as 'bogus callers'.

Please bear in mind that it is very rare for us to visit your home without making an appointment and, if we do call by, all of our employees and contractors will carry ID cards with their picture on it. Ask to see the ID card before letting them into your home. If you are unsure then don't hesitate to call us on 02920 100346 and we can then confirm their identity. DO NOT phone any other number that the visitor may give you.


What standards of service do you have?

Our team at Metropolitan understands the importance of a good quality service. We are committed to building our customers' confidence and trust.

As such, there are certain standards that we will always strive to meet on your behalf. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Maintaining Appointments
  • Payment Arrangements
  • Written Complaints

Please download our Guaranteed Standards Scheme for more information.

Who are ICHL and what is their relationship with Metropolitan?

ICHL (Independent Community Heating Ltd) trading as 'Metropolitan' are the supplier of district energy to your property.