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We are proud of the quality service we deliver to our customers. To ensure our service is consistently in line with best practice, we have created a set of Guaranteed Standards of Service that our employees abide by.

The development you live on receives its heat and hot water services from a district heating network, managed and operated by Metropolitan. The heat and hot water is generated in a centralised energy centre local to you.

At Metropolitan, we have a dedicated customer service team and we are open 6 days a week.

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district heating diagram

What is district energy?

District energy is the system of networks we use to distribute heating and cooling to all customers which has been generated at a central Energy Centre. This is known as district heating and district cooling. District heating is where you will receive heating and hot water from our network. District cooling, if present, is where you will receive air conditioning from our network. The energy is generated on-site, delivering cost effective, low carbon energy through a network of insulated pipes.

For district heating, the heat is transported directly to your home from the Energy Centre, through the insulated pipes to a Heat Interface Unit (HIU).

The hot water will come from your taps as normal, with your heating coming from your radiators or underfloor heating. Having one of our HIUs means you don’t need to worry about the cost of servicing, maintaining or replacing it as this is included in our tariffs.